Gates Carbon Drive


Electric bicycles are transforming urban mobility around the globe, and Gates belts are leading the revolution. Premium electric bike brands worldwide are outfitting their eBikes with Gates Carbon Drive because it lasts longer than chains and eliminates greasy maintenance.

Rooted in motorcycle and other high power applications, Gates belts are designed to carry high loads, so they are a perfect match for modern eBikes. In laboratory testing at peak loads, chain failed at 279 miles while eBike specific chain lasted only 275 miles. The Gates CDX CenterTrack belt exceeded 10,000 miles. 

Nothing Beats Gates Carbon Drive

For eBike power, Gates Carbon Drive technology is the clear winner. Our system integrates with all of the leading eBike motor systems—like Bosch, SHIMANO STEPS, Brose, Panasonic, Yamaha, Oeschler, and more—which makes designing—or buying—an eBike with a Carbon Drive a smart choice. 

Bosch interface eBikes Gates Carbon Drive  

Bosch Performance Line/Performance Line CX (GEN4) spider assemblies
Bosch Active Line/Active Line Plus spider assemblies
Bosch Performance Line (GEN2) compatible Front Sprockets

NEW Bosch Active Line/Active Line Plus spider assemblies

Gates Assembly for Shimano Steps System  

Shimano STEPS E6100 / E5000 spider assemblies

NEW Shimano STEPS E6100 / E5000 spider assemblies

INTEGRATION MADE EASY: Download the latest eBike Integration Manual to simplify your eBike configuration. Our engineers are eager to help integrate Carbon Drive into your design - CarbonD[email protected] 

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