Gates Carbon Drive

Tools for a Smooth Ride

Proper belt tension is important. Too little tension can lead to tooth jump or "skipping." Too much tension can cause wear and damage. Here are several tools to ensure the best tension and the smoothest ride. 

Gates Carbon Drive™ Mobile App

Gates Carbon Drive is the high-tech belt drive for bicycles, motorcycles, & scooters. This app measures belt tension sonically. Just pluck your belt like a guitar string and use the microphone on your phone to read the vibration frequency. Compare your bicycle belt’s frequency to the included chart to see if you need to adjust the tension. For scooter/motorcycle tension recommendations, compare to your vehicle owner’s manual.

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Strap Wrench

Designed for quick, easy removal of your rear sprocket, Gates Strap Wrench is similar to a chain whip and holds the cog securely in place for easy removal of the cassette lockring. Equipped with a reinforced strap and an anodized alloy handle, this wrench is strong and easy to grip—and a must-have for any bike mechanic or bike shop owner. To prevent damage, never use a Carbon Drive belt as a chain whip.

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Belt Tension Meter

Gates Krikit Gauge is small enough to fit in your bike pack and sits right on top of your belt, allowing for single-finger tension testing through the click of a button. Easy-breezy. In Europe, the Eco Tension Tester is a popular way to set belt tensions using gravity and a suspended weight.

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Gates Drive Calculator

You’ve got the frame, how do you find the best Carbon Drive System for it? Use Gates Drive Calculator. Sprocket selection is impacted by the target gear ratio, the frame chain stay length, and available belt lengths. Let the Gates Carbon Drive Calculator do the work for you.


SureFit Installation Tool

Ideal for factory use, Gates SureFit Installation Tool offers easier installation of all SureFit sprockets, which have been engineered with a flexible finger design and a slight interference fit to achieve the best installation on internally geared hubs.

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Sonic Tension Meter

Made for factory use, Gates Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt. This meter allows precision tension testing on a high-volume of bikes outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

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