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Owner's Manual

Gates Carbon Drive Owner's Manual (Cover)  

We are thrilled you have chosen a bicycle equipped with Gates Carbon Drive™ System. Get ready for the ride of your life. To optimize its performance, be sure to access the Carbon Drive Owner's Manual below in your preferred language. You'll get proper installation, maintenance, and tensioning tips.

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Technical Manuals and Brochures

Gates Carbon Drive Technical Manual   

For a deeper dive into how to maximize your Gates Carbon Drive System on your bicycle—including engineering drawings frame requirements, geared hub integration, and more—reference the technical manuals below:

Gates Carbon Drive Technical Manual Aug 2020   EN     DE     ZH_TW  |   Mar 2019   ZH_CN
eBike Integration Manual Aug 2020   EN   |   Mar 2019   ZH_CN 

Product Guide
Consumer and Dealer Brochure   EN   |   DE   |   IT     

Frame Stiffness Testing

The stiffness or a frame's rear triangle plays a major role in the performance of the belt drive system. For bike manufacturers, Gates offers frame stiffness testing to ensure frames meet requirements. Bicycles with Rohloff hubs, in particular, have specific frame stiffness requirements. Learn more