Gates Carbon Drive

Handling & Tension

A successful belt drive depends on proper belt handling and tensioning.

Belt Handling

Do Not Crimp Gates Carbon Drive belts  

Gates Carbon Drive belts are extremely durable and offer long life when properly handled. However, caution must be used before and during installation to avoid damaging the carbon tensile cords. Excessive bending and twisting creates invisible crimps, which can lead to belt breakage.

  • Do not back bend. 
  • Do not use as a chainwhip. 
  • Do not bundle. 
  • Do not crimp. 
  • Do not twist. 
  • Do not invert. 
Review Owner’s Manual


properly tension Gates Carbon Drive belts  

Proper belt tension is essential for optimum operation of the Gates Carbon Drive System.  Lack of belt tension can lead to tooth jump or “skipping,” when the teeth of the belt slide over the teeth of the rear sprocket.  Too much tension can damage the bearings within the rear hub, can cause the system to drag, and can increase the wear of your drive system.

Tension Recommendations

Gates Carbon Drive Mobile App

Gates Carbon Drive is the high-tech belt drive for bicycles, motorcycles, & scooters. This app measures belt tension sonically. Just pluck your belt like a guitar string and use the microphone on your phone to read the vibration frequency. Compare your bicycle belt’s frequency to the included chart to see if you need to adjust the tension. For scooter/motorcycle tension recommendations, compare to your vehicle owner’s manual.

Iphone           Android

Instructional Videos

Watch our belt handling and tension videos in our Carbon Drive U playlist.